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Flash options

Set up in Auto, an IXUS or PowerShot will make the decision to fire the built-in flash or not, according to the camera settings and the light conditions.

Even in some of the Shooting modes, it will never fire if you have set a Fireworks Shooting mode but will automatically fire in many other Shooting modes if the light is low, or if the subject is backlit. However, there are other flash modes that you can set manually.

Flash on – the flash always fires. This can be used for fill-in flash in daylight, adding details to shadow areas of the subject.

Flash off – the flash never fires. This is good for night scenes in cities, or firework photos, where the subject provides the light you need.

Slow Synchro – the flash fires with a slow shutter speed. This lets you photograph at night with people in the foreground whilst the background lighting is also correct. It is very effective with brightly-lit town and city scenes.

If you own an IXUS 115HS, IXUS 220HS, IXUS 310HS, IXUS 1000HS or PowerShot 230HS then there is an alternative to Slow Synchro. You Can Use the Handheld NightScene Shooting mode without a tripod and it will combine several shots to reduce camera shake and noise.

Enter the Gallery
You now understand how and why to adjust the exposure on your Canon camera to capture the best shot. So take your camera out and capture images; the next Gallery will be selected based on the getting the lighting right in photos. Once you’ve taken some photos, select your favourites and Enter them in the Gallery. Next month your photo could be displayed as one of the best!

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