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Shooting modes

Shooting modes on EOS cameras are divided into two groups – Basic Zone and Creative.

Basic zone modes are mostly subjects based – Landscape, Portrait, Action, Close-up, etc. The camera automatically applies exposure values that suit the different subjects – a relatively fast shutter speed for Sport, for example. Full Auto – a point-and-shoot mode – is included in the Basic Zone.

Creative Zone modes give you more control. Shutter-priority AE (Tv) mode, for example, lets you select the shutter speed; the camera automatically selects an aperture for correct exposure. Aperture-priority AE (Av) mode lets you set the aperture while the camera selects the shutter speed. In Program AE (P) mode the camera selects both shutter speed and aperture, but you can alter the settings at the touch of the main dial while retaining correct exposure. There is also Manual (M) mode, where you select both shutter speed and aperture – this choice can be based on a meter reading from the camera.

All of these means that you can select a fast shutter speed to reduce the effects of camera shake, a slow shutter speed to blur movement, a wide aperture to make a portrait subject stand out from a background or a small aperture to create the appearance of sharpness from the front to the back of a landscape.

Enter the Gallery
You now understand how and why to adjust the exposure on your Canon camera to capture the best shot. So take your camera out and capture images; the next Gallery will be selected based on the getting the lighting right in photos. Once you’ve taken some photos, select your favourites and Enter them in the Gallery. Next month your photo could be displayed as one of the best!

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