Embrace the dark

Simple techniques

Now you've discovered what you want to photograph, a few quick tips will help you make the most of your subjects.

Fairground ride, © Andreas Karnholz, Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Flash or not?
It's dark so you may think you should always use your camera's flash. It's perfect if you are photographing people or things near you. But if you are shooting further away, make sure you switch the flash off as it will not light up a landscape or help the mood.

Alter your angle
Everyday things look different at night so it's worth thinking about how you see them. Try shooting from low down and high up. Vary your shots between portrait and landscape format - you'll be surprised what a difference this can make.

Bright spark, © Hannah Loftus, Canon EOS 450D

Black & white
The contrast between light and shade at night makes it an ideal time to switch to black & white. If you have a PowerShot or IXUS look for the 'Monochrome' setting or B&W in 'My Colors'. On EOS cameras, the best place to start is Monochrome in 'Picture Style'. If you want to learn more about 'Picture Style', read this tutorial.

Night time in the Gallery
Whatever you choose to photograph at night, these tips will get you started towards a lot of fun and some great results. The key is having a go. So charge your camera battery, grab a torch, wrap up warm and get out there. Enjoy the shorter days and longer nights and submit your best photos to the Gallery.

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