PIXMA tips

This month we’re exploring new ways to capture authentic emotions. The aim is to help you enhance your images and form deeper connections with your viewers.

Human emotions don’t follow any set rules – they’re spontaneous and based on what someone is feeling - so having your camera close to hand is one of the first rules of capturing them. Unplanned shots can give you great results. Try shooting when your subject’s not expecting it – or press the shutter just after they think you’ve taken a shot. They’ll look far more natural and relaxed.

Whether you’re shooting to share your images or simply for yourself, our tutorials will help you capture moods and feelings more effectively.

Printing personal greetings cards with your PIXMA

PIXMA tips - Canon

Holly Victoria Norval - snowy sun rise

If you want to do something creative with your emotion filled photographs and share them, you can easily create custom made greeting cards using your PIXMA printer. Here’s how: 

  • Using Canon’s My Image Garden software, you can choose from a wide range of cards to customise e.g. a birthday, wedding, celebrations and more.
  • You can then add your own images to your card and get creative by customising text and backgrounds.
  • Next you can select how large you want to print e.g. anything from 10 x 15cm up to A4.
  • When you are ready to print, adjust your paper settings. For the best results use Canon Matte Photo Paper. 
  • Experiment with different results until you’re happy. A personalised greeting card is sure to put a smile on the face of its recipient.