Tips and techniques with your LEGRIA

February can be a dreary time. It may be the shortest month, but the weather is still wintery and the delights of frosty mornings and seasonal snow give way to drizzle and rain. The days drag on and summer feels a very long way off.

What better reason to use your photography to cheer yourself up. Capturing beautiful and evocative movies can be a great way to brighten up dull days and bring a little excitement to your daily routine. Use your photography to mark each day with something meaningful and memorable. And why not challenge yourself to take more videos this month too - you’ll be a better photographer for it.

extraordinary - Canon
Michael Gil – Rainy midnight snack
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Story of the season

Taking videos is a great way to tell the story of your daily life. To make it special try to focus on only the best moments – the first time you see the sun before going to work, the movement and energy of the daily commute or something striking you haven’t noticed before.

To do this you need to be ready with your camcorder all the time - you never know when the best moments will happen. Getting into the habit of keeping your camcorder with you will help you to focus your filming on the most important bits of any event or scene, so that your movies are always free-flowing and are full of interest.

Do remember that you’ll need a mixture of viewpoints for each highlight so try to capture around 10 seconds of a framed shot, then zoom in or out for a different view.

The other skill you could learn is shooting some b-roll – these are short clips that help to transition the story between your main sections of movie highlights.