PIXMA tips

Tips and techniques with your PIXMA

February can be a dreary time. It may be the shortest month, but the weather is still wintery and the delights of frosty mornings and seasonal snow give way to drizzle and rain. The days drag on and summer feels a very long way off.

What better reason to use your photography to cheer yourself up. Printing beautiful and evocative images can be a great way to brighten up dull days and bring a little excitement to your daily routine.

extraordinary - Canon
Kieran Clarke – Umbrellas
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Explore photo papers

There are lots of great photo papers you can use, so why not print your photos on a different media type each week to see how they look? Start by using matte photo paper and work your way through to semi-gloss, glossy and, finally, to studio finish Pro Platinum.

Each media has a different characteristic and these will affect how your pictures look. The matte papers are flatter with muted tones and less contrast. This makes them ideal for mono and colour photographs as well as art reproductions where warm colours and grey tones are beautifully expressed. In the second week, print your photos on semi-gloss paper. This produces brilliant photographs with reduced glossiness for a softer finish. In the last weeks of month, try the glossy photo paper to see the most vibrant, sharpest results on the professional studio finish Pro Platinum photo paper offering outstanding quality and fade resistance.

Tip: Try to capture photos each week that suit the character of each media type.