Tips and techniques with your LEGRIA

When photographing familiar places, it’s very easy to become blinkered and take the same photos as other photographers have done in the same place. This is often the result of arriving at a destination, seeing the subject in front of you and then letting your brain remind you of all the other photos you’ve seen previously.

Look for opportunities with your eyes before your screen. It really helps to take time before you pick up your LEGRIA to study the angles and imagine an image you’ve not seen before. Try turning around, adding people or shooting at different times of day to add interest. Or why not capture a shot of other photographers photographing a famous landmark or point of interest?

Plan ahead for better results

Making an engaging, striking or entertaining video can be made simpler by planning what to film in advance.

spring - Canon
See-ming-Lee – Chinese University of Hong Kong
Rights: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/

When you arrive at your location, the first step should be to shoot a short clip that establishes the scene. This is often a wide-angle view of the whole scene.

A few seconds with the camera held steady will make for easier editing later. Once you have your establishing shot, take a good look at the location, looking for details and individual characters to include. Take two short clips of each element, one with a mid setting of the zoom and one with a tighter view. This will give you greater flexibility when editing.

Make use of your LEGRIA’s Vari-angle screen to shoot with the camera at otherwise awkward angles. If you have a 2016 LEGRIA model, use Highlight Priority mode to capture detail in bright, sparkling highlights like reflections and glinting metals. You can also use filters to capture an interesting look. Using a slow shutter speed (available on the LEGRIA G series) will help you capture familiar locations with a dreamlike quality.

Tip: Having a number of viewpoints of each element in your footage makes it much simpler to edit your movie effectively.