PIXMA tips

Tips and techniques with your PIXMA

When photographing familiar places, it’s very easy to become blinkered and take the same photos as other photographers have done in the same place. This is often the result of arriving at a destination, seeing the subject in front of you and then letting your brain remind you of all the other photos you’ve seen previously.

Look for photo opportunities with your eyes before your viewfinder. It really helps to take time before you pick up your camera to study the angles and imagine an image you’ve not seen before. Try turning around, adding people or shooting at different times of day to add interest. Or why not capture a shot of other photographers photographing a famous landmark or point of interest?

Combine many small images in one frame

An interesting montage of a familiar scene can look striking when hung on a wall at home in a large frame.

familiar - Canon
Montse PB – À pied de l'Arc de Triomphe
Rights: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Firstly, get out and capture some photos of a well-known location you like from unusual angles. When planning to capture the scene with your camera, decide if you want to leave gaps between your photos when you print them or overlap them.

Once you’ve selected which photos to print, choose a smaller size of printer paper such as 10cm x 15cm and make a number of prints – enough to fill your frame.

Then when you’ve made the prints, put them on a backing board and frame them to create your unique collage.

Tip: Glossy photo paper or Canon's Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss is ideal for this kind of picture as they show the vibrancy and detail of your photos very well.