Compact camera tutorial

Packing your IXUS or PowerShot in your pocket allows you to capture the best of the festive season in stunning quality. Whether you’re enjoying a visit to a Christmas market or going to a seasonal gathering, our tips will help you capture the lights, atmosphere and emotions of the occasion.

• Using Fireworks mode
• Photographing festive lights
• Capture smiling portraits

Using Fireworks mode

Many Canon compact cameras include a Fireworks scene mode to help capture the spectacle of fireworks that are so often a part of the festive season. Set the camera to SCN mode and choose the Fireworks mode or press the FUNC button to select the relevant scene mode. Long exposures are used so make sure to keep the camera steady either on a tripod or other solid surface.

Photographing festive lights

Festive lights make great subjects themselves. Handheld Night Scene mode is selected from the SCN modes or using the FUNC button. If you want to easily capture the twinkling lights indoors or the brightly lit buildings at night outdoors this mode makes it simple even if you don’t have a tripod. And if you want to capture New Year’s Eve fireworks, make sure you use the specific Fireworks mode to get the best results.

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Peter F, Christmas Market in Soest
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Capture smiling portraits

Smile detection is a feature of many Canon compact cameras. It detects when your subject is smiling and then automatically takes a photo. During the festive season you should see plenty of smiling faces, so make sure you have a larger capacity memory card and a spare battery for your camera too. Smile detection is part of the Smart Shutter capability. This may also include wink detection to take pictures just after the subject winks at the camera.

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