DSC Tutorial: Fun Photography

Experiment with your camera

PowerShot and IXUS models have a wide range of fun features that will make your photos stand out.

The specific features on different IXUS and PowerShot models varies, so do check with your camera’s User Guide. In this tutorial we will cover some of the most popular:

• Choose when to take the shot
• Movie Digest
• Creative Filters
• My Colors
• Handheld Night Scene


Choose when to take the shot
Self timers are a good way to make sure you are in the photo. However sometimes you need a little longer than 10 seconds to get the scene just right. Setting the Smile mode lets the camera shoot automatically; when a smile is detected a shot is taken without you having to press the shutter button. Wink Self-Timer fires the shutter on your camera automatically about 2 seconds after it detects a wink. Alternatively, Face Self-Timer will take a photo approximately 2 seconds after the camera detects a new face entering a group shot.

Movie Digest
Movie Digest lets you automatically create a movie record of the still photos you take. Each time you take a picture, up to 4 seconds of the scene just before the shot will be recorded as a short movie. All the short movies recorded that day will be saved as a single movie as a record of the day.

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