DSC Tutorial: Fun Photography

Creative Filters

IXUS and PowerShot models have a number of features designed to let you express you creative side.

Creative Filters allow you to create photos and videos with greater impact or a different mood:

Miniature Effect Blurs the top and bottom of an image to give the impression that you are shooting a small-scale model.

There are a number of Creative Filters that adjust colour:

Toy Camera Effect Darkens and blurs the corners of the image and changes the overall colour to give the effect of shooting with a retro toy camera.
Poster Effect Take shots that look like old posters or illustration.
Super Vivid Lets you take shots with vivid, intense colors.
Monochrome Instead of adding clout to your photos, Monochrome lets you select Black & White, Sepia or Blue & White.
Color Accent Select one colour which is kept whilst the rest of your photo changes to Black & White.


Fish-eye Effect Gives a circular distortion similar to shooting with a fish-eye lens. It often works best with spherical subjects, emphasising their shape.

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