DSLR Tutorial: Fun Photography

Experiment with your camera

One of the advantages of the summer is more time to take photographs; Canon EOS cameras give you the opportunity to try out new techniques.

There are many areas to try out and this tutorial will cover two; long exposures and time lapse:

• Light and star trails
• Painting with lights
• Removing people
• Blur
• Time lapse


London Eye, © Cecile Bremer 2011, Canon EOS 500D

Light trails
Photographing scenes of activity at night using a shutter speed of several seconds creates light trails across your image. It could be moving cars, a city scene or a merry-go-round. If the lights are not moving, such as illuminated advertising hoardings, consider moving your camera to create the trails. Set your EOS to Manual Exposure (M), where you select the shutter speed and the aperture. You can shoot with different apertures to control the brightness of the foreground and background. Take a look at the captured image on the LCD screen to judge the result.

Star trails
Aim your camera at the sky on a clear night. Shoot with an exposure time of several minutes. The apparent motion of the stars across the sky will create curved trails of light. You will need to set your EOS to Manual Exposure (M) and the shutter speed to BULB. A bulb exposure keeps the shutter open for as long as you hold the shutter button down. The best way to work is with a remote switch that allows you to lock the shutter open without needing to keep the shutter button depressed.

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