Every city's history is scattered with stories of loss and triumph, ruin and renaissance and tales of shifting cultures and communities. Details from the past are often left behind and with a little digging and watchful eyes you can discover these visible reminders of how a city used to be. These are certainly worth exploring as they can make remarkable photos.

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Juan Cabanillas: Raffaele Portelli 1917
Copyright: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

So be inspired to find the hidden histories of your city by our selection of photos taken by fellow Canon photographers. Then learn to bring a sense of the past to life by capturing your city’s atmosphere in your photography. As the seasons change, darker evenings and stormy weather provide the perfect backdrop. Read about our Canon Explorer’s amazing journey to capture atmospheric images of iconic cities, then learn how to achieve similar results by reading our tutorials.

Top three tips for capturing your city’s historic stories

• To convey a sense of city history, search for streets where modern buildings live next to old. This can create a striking juxtaposition.
• Try a range of different viewpoints to tell a historic story about your city. Get low down to the ground to capture cobbled streets, or find a high vantage point to show the city's historic places.
• Look out for the reflection of old landscapes and buildings in new glass structures and capture these at atmospheric times of day.