Every city's history is scattered with stories of loss and triumph, ruin and renaissance and tales of shifting cultures and communities. Details from the past are often left behind and with a little digging and watchful eyes you can discover these visible reminders of how a city used to be. These are certainly worth exploring as they can make remarkable videos.

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GollyGforce: Window of Opportunity
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Vary the pace and duration of your movie clips

When you’re capturing the historic story of a city, the clip length of each scene in your edited movie will give different feelings to your viewers. When you’re shooting and editing, have the following in mind:

• Short duration clips with jump cuts between will make your movie seem fast-paced. Longer clips with more gradual transitions between the individual clips offers a more peaceful and relaxed feeling
• When shooting older parts of the city, faster-paced clips can make these sections appear to be flashbacks to the past when mixed in with slower-paced clips of more modern environments. Switch this pace around for a gentle movie of the past and sudden glances of the new.

Change your framing

By changing the zoom from tight to wide, you can keep the attention of your viewers more effectively. It’s usually best to establish a scene with a wide shot, and then shoot a number of progressively tighter views.

Move the camera from old to new

Camera movement is a key skill for making interesting movies. It takes plenty of practice to move the camera smoothly but the results are well worth it. These types of clips are often helpful when you need to transition from one scene to another. Here’s how to achieve them:

1. Use the focus lock or manual focus on your LEGRIA to focus on the subject that will be the end of your move.
2. Then position your camera so that the ending scene is obscured by a closer, out of focus subject in the foreground.
3. Slowly move the camera to the left or right to reveal the scene you focused on and reveal it to your viewers.