PIXMA tips

Every city's history is scattered with stories of loss and triumph, ruin and renaissance and tales of shifting cultures and communities. Details from the past are often left behind and with a little digging and watchful eyes you can discover these visible reminders of how a city used to be. These are certainly worth exploring as they can make remarkable photos.

Printing a city’s history

history - Canon
Thomas Rousing: Old v New
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You can use your PIXMA printer to tell a city’s historic story in a number of ways.

Make two prints, one colour and one black and white, and make sure that one is much smaller than the other. Place the two prints on top of each other so that the new colour section is partly obscured by the older black and white print. Or find an old photograph of a location and hold it in your hand while you take a photo showing the new modern environment around the old picture.

You can also create multi-image prints using the Canon My Image Garden software to create a collage of pictures that convey a city’s journey from past to present. For example, capturing elements of a city’s architecture – doors or door handles – will provide an insight to the past and vision of the present.