In this month’s tutorials, we’re exploring what happens when you throw the photography rulebook out and let your instincts guide you to spectacular images. When you shoot more spontaneously it can lead to accidental, beautiful, striking images which perfectly capture a moment or feeling.

Shooting movies instinctively can help you capture the unexpected. Try capturing scenes from different angles. See how things look when shot from a lower angle, as if through the eyes of a child and don’t be afraid to experiment. Imperfections and fresh perspectives can lead to amazing results.


Jérémy Lelièvre, Broken
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Capturing audio in your movies

When shooting video you need to think about both the individual moving images and the audio that will support them.

Tip: Consider shooting a longer clip to capture some audio from the environment to use as a background track that can hold the edited movie together.

Movies are dynamic, so make sure you move the camera during some clips and also between different clips to enhance your story. 

Consider your camera position

Start your video story with a wide shot to establish the location and environment you are filming in. Then shoot a series of progressively tighter shots until you are focused on one of the main highlights or characters of your movie.

Did you know? Zooming in and out with the lens whilst filming is rarely successful. Your movie will be better if you can change the perspective by moving yourself and the camera instead of zooming the lens.

Camera position is even more important for movies than for still images, so don’t be afraid to get down low or pick a high vantage point. Don’t forget that you can control your LEGRIA remotely from your smartphone using the wireless functions and the CameraAccess Plus app. With this function, you could narrate or star in your own travelogue or video blog when visiting new cities.