As winter gives way to spring, colour returns to the countryside. It is a good time to take your camera outside and capture the changing landscape.


We all regularly see great landscapes that could make memorable photos. This tutorial will guide you through the key features of a great shot and how your Canon camera can help you. The areas covered include:
• Composition
• Time of day
• Find your own angle
• Landscape becomes portrait
• Lens focal length for landscapes
• Be creative
• A different perspective on the same view

Composition is one of the keys to great landscape photography. Use the ‘rule-of-thirds’ as your starting point. Imagine a grid drawn in the camera viewfinder – two vertical lines and two horizontal lines giving four intersections. Aim to place your main subject at one of these intersections to produce a strong composition. Canon cameras make this easier to achieve as you can add gridlines to the LCD screen display. Check your instruction manual for details.

Time of day
The second key to landscape photography is lighting. Early morning and late afternoon are good times to shoot. The sun is low in the sky, the shadows are long and the light has a warmth that makes everything it illuminates look attractive.

However, do not restrict yourself to these times. The period after a heavy thunderstorm, with menacing sky, gives very atmospheric images. The short shadows and increased contrast of the midday sun suit some subjects. Shooting in early morning mist can also add atmosphere.

Many Canon PowerShot and IXUS models offer a range of shooting modes that can be used to adjust the look and feel of the final image. Look through the available the shooting modes (SCN modes on older models) and here you will find a ‘Foliage’ which adds vibrancy to green leaves and plantlife.

Miniature Effect in newer models makes landscapes appear in model-scale while Super Vivid and Sunset mode boost saturation so you can capture and enhance the vivid colours

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