Tutorials: Landscape Photography

Find your own angle

A different view is also given by changing the perspective of the camera relative to the landscape. For example looking down on a landscape from the top of a hill can give an unusual and engaging image.


Photos with impact can also be achieved by shooting a point of interest in the foreground only a few centimeters from the camera and the ground. Try to find a patch of colour to fill the foreground – a cluster of flowers for example. With the low angle, the foreground will dominate the image and the rest of the landscape will appear more distant than usual. The result has impact because we do not normally see scenes from this viewpoint.

The EOS 60D and 600D feature a vari-angle viewing screen that makes shooting at a low angle much easier. The screen folds out from the camera and can be turned so that you can look down on the image from above.

Other EOS cameras can be fitted with a right-angle finder that also lets you view the image from above, though you do need to bend down to see through the eyepiece of the unit.

The alternative is to lie down on the ground to look at the image before shooting. Some landscape photographers carry a plastic sheet so that they can lie down without getting wet or dirty.

Landscape becomes portrait
Most landscapes are taken using what has come to be known as the ‘landscape’ format. This is where the width of the image is greater than the height. This works well for most landscapes, as you usually want to capture a wide expanse of the scene from left to right. However, don’t ignore the portrait format, where the height of the image is greater than the width. This often works where there is a tall subject, but can also be effective because it gives an unfamiliar interpretation of the landscape. Compare the portrait-format image on the right with the landscape format of the same scene at the top of this page.

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