Tutorial: Macro Photography

Get up close with macro

Close-up photography opens up a whole new world for you to shoot with your IXUS or PowerShot. Everyday objects become fascinating subjects for your camera.

The good news is that you can start with your existing camera and inexpensive accessories. This tutorial will show how you can create macro photos with your IXUS or PowerShot. It will cover:

         • What is macro?
         • Setting Macro on your camera
         • Composing and focusing
         • Natural lighting
         • Flash lighting
         • Taking the picture

Golden Fly, You Connect member Uli Esch, Canon EOS 40D

What is macro?
The term ‘macro photography’ has changed its meaning over the years. Originally it specifically referred to photography where the image captured by the camera was the same size (life-size) or larger than the subject. However, the current meanings of ‘macro’ and ‘close-up’ have blurred and the two terms are now used almost interchangeably.

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