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Tips and techniques with your EOS DSLR

A new year is full of new experiences, new opportunities and new challenges. It’s also a chance to reflect on the journey you have taken and to see how far you have come as a photographer – to think about the photos and videos you’re proud of and areas where you’d like to improve. Use the coming year to push yourself even further and develop your skills.

New year - Canon
Paolo Marco Mañalac – Suug
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  • Review your photos
  • Explore your camera's modes
  • Improve with a project
  • Rate your photos
  • Increase your photo options
  • Remote control your camera
  • Try EOS Movies

Review your photos

Over a year, you probably take hundreds, if not thousands, of photos. Organising all your images is essential if you want to find your favourites easily and review your work. A quick and easy way is to get into the habit of using your camera’s rating system. The good thing about doing this on your camera is that your photo-editing program will ‘read’ this and you can begin sorting your photos the moment you upload them to your computer.

Explore your camera's modes

Once you’ve organised your photos, have a look through them and see if there’s a style you use the most. Photographers often use the same few camera modes for all their pictures. Take the time to read your instruction manual or have a look at some online tutorials to explore modes you haven’t used before and the additional capabilities your camera has.

Tip : If you always use Automatic mode, try seeing the effect of the different Scene modes. For great photos of people, the Portrait mode is better than full automatic to separate subjects from their backgrounds. If you’re taking a photo indoors in low light the Night Portrait mode will successfully blend the ambient light and flash.

Improve your pictures with a project

Setting your own personal project that requires you to take more pictures is a great way to sharpen your skills. The project you choose will give you a reason to use your camera regularly and this is one of the best ways to improve your photography. You might choose to document a subject, such as family or friends, over a whole year or you could plan a shorter timeframe such as a month. Change the location, the outfits or the style of your photography to create interest.

New year - Canon
Stig Nygaard – Central Station
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Rate your photos

Many EOS cameras let you assign a rating to pictures (from zero to five stars) that are already stored on the memory card. Rating images is a handy way of finding and noting your best pictures for either replay on the camera, a connected TV or on the computer.

Canon’s software such as Digital Photo Professional (DPP) and others like Photoshop and Lightroom all support the star ratings. Cameras that allow you to rate your pictures will also let you jump between your rated pictures as you replay images - making it faster to only show the best pictures you have stored on the memory card.

Increase your photo options

Adding a new accessory to your camera is a great way to invigorate your creativity. You could try out another kind of lens. Go wide to get more in, choose a telephoto lens to bring distant subjects closer or try a macro lens to make small subjects bigger.

New year - Canon
Aaron Stidwell – Macro!
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Tip: Adding a Speedlite flash to your camera gives you more power to light subjects further away. If you have an integrated Speedlite transmitter, you can also use the off-camera flash for much more creative photography.

New year - Canon
Edward Corpus – Snowboarder
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Remote control your camera

You can connect your EOS camera to a computer and use the Canon EOS Utility software to control your camera settings remotely from the computer. Shooting indoor still-life and macro subjects is an effective way to master your camera’s features and experiment with the software.

Tip: If you can’t find your software CD that came with the camera you can download the latest version from Canon’s website.

Try EOS Movies

Hollywood here you come. EOS cameras can be used to make great movies. Shooting movies is simple - the Video Snapshot feature will help you to shoot short clips that your camera will make a single movie file from.

Tip: Choose a tripod or microphone accessory to improve the quality of your movies.

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