Tips and techniques with your LEGRIA

A new year is full of new experiences, new opportunities and new challenges. It’s also a chance to reflect on the journey you have taken and to see how far you have come as a photographer – to think about the photos and videos you’re proud of and areas where you’d like to improve. Use the coming year to push yourself even further and develop your skills.

New year - Canon
Edward Corpus – Snowboarder
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Edit your movies

If you’ve taken lots of movies in 2015 you can edit them to create a movie of the highlights. The editing process will help you to identify how to shoot better movies in the future.

You might have several good clips from your summer holiday, but when you edit them you might find that each one doesn’t obviously connect together. Think about the story you are trying to tell, make a note of scenes that work well or scenes you wish you had taken. This year, think about filming elements of the story differently and capturing those missing moments.

Clear out the cards and backup your movies

As you start a new year, take the opportunity to sort out all your SD cards. Make sure you’ve backed up all the clips to your computer, then format the cards in your camcorder to maximise the free space and freshly prepare the cards for all the new movies you’ll record in 2016.