Photography Tutorial : The Light

There is one method of dealing with overexposed skies that has been around since the early days of photography. This involves replacing the sky with one you shot earlier.

Some photographers build up a bank of sky images for this purpose. It is easy to do. Whenever you see an interesting sky, take a picture exposing for the sky. You will soon have a number of images showing attractive cloud formations.

You can then merge a suitable sky shot into an image with a plain or overexposed sky. This was a darkroom technique practiced by many film photographers. Today it is a computer technique that involves cutting and pasting one image into the other. It takes a little practice, but you work on copies of the digital images so that you can keep starting again until you get the result you want.

So whether you wait for the right light, adjust your image with a filter or add another sky of your choice, photographs of sunlit sky offer a wide range of opportunities. Now go out there and get shooting!

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