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How much of your camera do you really use? The chances are that there are many features still untouched; we all tend to work with what we know. With a new year, now is the time to try out the features that are new to you on your camera!

Smart Auto
Your Canon camera has many shooting modes that help you to take the perfect shot including portrait, landscape, macro and sport. Sometimes it is easy to choose the mode that will suit your subject, but sometimes these modes might not match the subject. That’s why Canon has introduced another shooting mode – ‘Smart Auto’.

Using ‘Scene Detection Technology’, Smart Auto analyses a range of subject information, including faces, distance, brightness, colour and movement. The camera uses this data to select the best setting for the scene.

But there is more. If the camera is equipped with Servo AF/AE and you keep the shutter button pressed halfway, the focus and exposure will continue to be adjusted for subjects moving towards or away from the camera. When you are ready, fully depress the shutter button for a well-exposed and well-focused picture.

In scenes where Face Detection AE detects a face in shadow, the overall image will be brightened or the flash will be fired. However, a longer exposure time is given preference over flash whenever possible.

But what if even Smart Auto doesn’t deliver exactly what you want?

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