Share your stories

Share your stories - Canon
Our My Image Garden Software makes it easy to create photo stories using images with text captions and with multiple images on a page.

Create your own photo story

You can create your own photo story using your PIXMA printer and the My Image Garden software.  It brings together lots of tools to inspire your creative storytelling ideas with including automatic templates. It's great for combining a number of photos into a spread to tell a story - you can also add words to create your own newsletter. Use the Video Layout function and Collage functions to print a selection of images on a single page as a photo story.

Print your own contact sheets

PIXMA printers can also print pictures from your camera without a computer. Simply connect the camera to the printer using PictBridge or put the camera memory card in the printer. Then you can print a contact sheet of images from your photos, or multiple images on a single page. It's particularly useful for viewing multiple shots at once and deciding on the best if you're planning to submit it to a news site or online publisher.