How To Guide: Colour

Other ways to enrich the colour and look in your photos

Picture Style is one of many ways to adjust the colour in your images. Here are some other simple suggestions to try out.

Creative Filters
Many EOS cameras let you apply in-camera Creative Filters. These include Grainy B/W, Art bold, Water painting and Toy camera and can all be used to great effect to apply further options to your images.

Basic +
With the latest EOS cameras you can also select the ambience and colour of your photos even when you are using Basic Zone settings on the Mode Dial. Options include Vivid, Soft, Warm, Cool and Monochrome. Once you have selected the ambience, you can adjust the strength of the effect. Check your camera's Instruction Manual for details.


Time of day
It isn't just your camera that affects the colour in your photos; the time of day has a big effect. Colours tend to be more vivid on a sunny day than when it is overcast, whilst the hour just after sunrise and just before sunset (the "golden hours") are typically regarded as having the best light for photography.

Early morning sunshine yields rich warm colours

Polarising filter
A circular polarising filter fitting to the front of your lens can be a great tool for reducing reflection and deepening colours especially blue skies.

A polarising filter enriches colours and deepens blue skies

Enter the Gallery
Now you've read about ways that you can achieve the look bring out the colour in your photos, take the next step and try some of them out. Then submit your colourful photos to the Gallery; 30 of the most interesting will be shown next month.

Discover the EOS system
A new lens can help you see things very differently, inspiring a whole new range of photographic opportunities. Here is a lens that could help you.

EF 50mm f/1.4 USM*
This lens offers outstanding quality and a huge maximum aperture of f/1.4 allowing you to take full creative control in all lighting conditions, and achieve beautiful background blur.

Ideal for general use, portraits and products.


* Requires Mount Adapter EF-EOS M for EOS M

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