Tutorial: Raw

Picture Style

Picture Style parameters include contrast, hue, saturation and sharpness.

A Picture Style can also include subtle changes to a single colour, making blues lighter, or creating a more vivid red. Some Picture Style settings are aimed at specific subjects - Landscape or Portrait, for example. Others are more general - Standard, Faithful, Neutral, for example. Before you shoot it is sometimes difficult to know which Picture Style will best suit the subject. With DPP and a raw file you can delay the decision until the image is on your computer screen and then experiment.

As you select a different Picture Style from the drop-down menu, the image will change immediately to show you the effect. The video above show the use of Neutral and Portrait Picture Styles.


Picture Style can affect just a small range of colours in an image. As a comparison, here is the same image with a colour temperature setting of 8000 K. This has given an overall warmth to the image, rather than just affecting the colours of the face.


Picture Style is also the place to experiment with monochrome images. Once you have selected the Monochrome style you can experiment with brightness and other settings to produce the effect you are looking for.

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