Capture the whole story

Small and lightweight compact cameras are ideal for putting in your pocket and taking to indoor or outdoor winter parties or events. For example, a DSLR may be too large to take ice skating, but your IXUS will be the perfect size. Having your IXUS or PowerShot models close to hand means you won't miss a family moment you want to remember and will give you a good deal of control over the lighting in your photos so you can achieve satisfying results which really capture the festive mood.


Use the Low Light mode

Try using the Low Light mode which is found on many Canon IXUS & PowerShot cameras. It lets you take photos in very low light, especially when hand held. Low light mode is really useful if you're shooting an outside carol concert, a candlelit celebratory dinner or Christmas lights.

Use the Low Light mode - Canon
© Nan Palmero - Canon PowerShot S90

Take sharper photos using the self-timer

You can improve the results of your winter celebration photos (and make sure you're in any group shots!) by using your camera's self-timer. If you don't have a tripod, place your camera on a table, shelf or another flat surface and set up your shot so you'll achieve sharp results.  Then put yourself in the picture and wait for the Face Detection Self-timer to capture everyone's face in a great photo.

Flash photography

When using full auto mode on your Canon IXUS or PowerShot, the flash will automatically fire in low light. The flash is most effective when your main subject is between 50cm and 2m from the camera. Try to get close to your subject and fill your frame for better results when using the flash. But be careful not to get too close to your subject, as you might experience shadow. Or turn the flash off and switch to low light mode and compare the results to see which light you prefer.

Flash photography - Canon
© Charley1965 - Canon Digital IXUS 500


Share your party photos using WiFi

It's great to share your Christmas or winter celebration photos with family and friends - particularly if they're not able to join you on a special day. Many newer IXUS or PowerShot cameras let you share images over WiFi. This means you can easily transfer pictures of a seasonal celebration to your smart phone or tablet and share your shots on social networks quickly. It's a great way for your friends and family to see your best photos almost as soon as you've taken them and make them feel part of the party.

Handheld night scene mode

Use the handheld night-scene mode to capture pictures that show the warmth and atmosphere of the event. The camera will take four pictures and combine them automatically for the sharpest result with reduced noise. This mode is useful for taking photos of static outdoor scenes at night - for example on a visit to a Christmas market or during Hogmany fireworks.

Creating effects with fireworks mode

Many IXUS / PowerShot cameras have a fireworks mode. This optimises the camera settings and makes it perfect for capturing photos of a New Year's Eve fireworks display. Remember to keep the camera steady when you're taking pictures of fireworks. Using a tripod is highly recommended for getting sharp results. But if you want to get creative, set your camera to fireworks mode and try moving slightly as you shoot photos of a display. This can create some really amazing results.

Creating effects with fireworks mode - Canon
© Selena N. B. H. - Canon PowerShot A3300 IS