Capture your celebrations in video

Capture video memories of your seasonal celebrations with your Legria or the video setting on your EOS DSLR camera if it has one.

Video cameras work best in daylight, in brightly lit environments and when the camera is held steadily.

When videoing people, remember to keep your main subject relatively close to the camera and put bright lights in the background of the frame so you can capture the mood of the celebrations.

Details of hints tips LEGRIA Beginner - Enthusiast proficiency - Canon
© Charley1965 - Canon Digital IXUS 500

If you're photographing a party and want to capture people dancing, try tracking your chosen subject to get a sense of movement. With a little experimentation, they should stay in sharp focus while the background is blurred behind them.

Several Legria cameras also feature Wi-Fi sharing. This lets you remotely view the movies on your smartphone or tablet device, and quickly share them to social media sites. It's ideal for putting a smile on the faces of family and friends who can't be at your event.