Tutorial: Seasonal weather

Whatever the weather

Are you a fair-weather photographer? Does your camera only come out with the sun? If so, you are missing some wonderful opportunities for photography.

The Fog, You Connect member Marek Grum, Canon EOS 450D

Mist, rain, frost and rainbows – bad weather is good for your image, helping you to create dramatic effects. Keep an eye on the forecasts and start going out when everyone else is coming in.

This tutorial covers:
• An early start
• Rainy days
• Rain at night
• Dramatic skies
• Rainbows
• Frosty mornings

An early start
You may have heard it many times before, but it is still true – get up early and shoot in the magic hour after the sun rises. If the sun is out, it is low in the sky, giving a soft, warm illumination that enhances an autumn landscape.

A light fog or mist is often part of a morning at this time of year, and this atmospheric condition can be put to good use in photographs. ‘Aerial perspective’ is an effect where distant subjects appear much paler than those close by. You have probably seen this in a landscape of receding hills – the further away they are, the lower the contrast.

You can also make use of the effect in thicker mist, or even fog. In these conditions, the distant hills will not be visible at all, but nearer subjects, such as a tree, may still be clear. If you photograph this subject against an open landscape, it will still show good contrast, but the background will be very pale. This makes the main subject stand out in the photograph.

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