Capture autumn’s fade and winter’s return

The time when winter begins to wrap its icy hands around the last of autumn’s falling leaves is a great chance to create beautiful photographs. November marks the start of seasonal celebrations and times when family and friends get together. So it’s wise to have your camera close by, ready to shoot nocturnal gatherings around bonfires or late afternoon walks in fading light.

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Kevin Cortopassi - The Wonders of the Outdoors
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At the end of autumn, the natural world changes. Landscapes become starker and it’s not unusual to see the moon appear in a darkening afternoon sky. You may spot a rich array of birds and wildlife, exposed by the lack of foliage. The food we put on our tables also changes and our LEGRIA tutorial offers tips on shooting the story of a seasonal meal. Our DSLR tutorial provides a handy guide to shooting in low light, making the most of autumnal reflections and how to get great shots of fireworks. We also explore the adrenaline fuelled winter sport of skijoring which features in our latest Come and See film. You can also learn about this month’s Canon Explorer and be inspired by a selection of autumn/winter images by Canon fans.