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Capturing autumn’s fade with your IXUS or PowerShot

The time when winter begins to wrap its icy hands around the last of autumn’s falling leaves is a great chance to create beautiful photographs. November marks the start of seasonal celebrations and times when family and friends get together. So it’s wise to have your camera close by, ready to shoot nocturnal gatherings around bonfires or late afternoon walks in fading light.

Keeping a compact camera in your pocket during late autumn and early winter can result in some beautiful photographs. Your IXUS or PowerShot will give you greater creative control than simply using a smartphone, enabling you to make the most of atmospheric skies, saturated colours and fireworks. 

Capture small details to convey mood

As autumn fades and winter approaches, more and more people will unpack their winter clothes and sport scarves, gloves, hats and coats. You can convey the mood of the season by showing the textures and features that demonstrate the shift in style to warmer clothes. Try using Macro mode or simply get closer to your subject. Look for details on gloves, scarves or jumpers. You could even create a portrait of your family or friends while they’re wrapped up in their winter wardrobe.

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Use Scene modes

Many IXUS and PowerShot cameras include Scene modes, useful for shooting fireworks and snow scenes. If the weather turns cold, the Snow scene mode will help to capture the snow looking clean and bright white instead of tired and grey. Some IXUS or PowerShot cameras feature a Fireworks mode to make great pictures of fireworks.

Tip: Consider using a tripod or other stable support (like a table or wall) for the long exposures needed to capture fireworks effectively. 

Capture reflections

Capture the reflections of buildings and lights in urban environments, reflected in wet surfaces and puddles. For cities and urban areas it will help to maximise the colour saturation using Super Vivid scene mode or by selecting the Vivid setting in My Colors when shooting with P mode.

Tip: If your PowerShot camera has a Vari-angle LCD, make the most of it. Get the camera low and close to the wet surface or puddle to maximise the reflection of the lights in the water’s mirror surface.

Dramatic weather

When winter is just around the corner in northern Europe, the clouds in the sky often adopt a leaden grey look. If you can, persuade your family or friends to wear really bright coats. Red and yellow are ideal. Then you can contrast them against the darker storms. Watch out for the moment when the weather breaks and the sun lights your subject but the clouds behind are darker and more menacing. Explore the composition thoroughly; try zooming wider so that your subject is smaller in the frame, and appears as just a speck of colour against stormy clouds. 

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