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Choose the right paper for soft subtle tones

The time when winter begins to wrap its icy hands around the last of autumn’s falling leaves is a great chance to create beautiful photographs. November marks the start of seasonal celebrations and times when family and friends get together. So it’s wise to have your camera close by, ready to shoot nocturnal gatherings around bonfires or late afternoon walks in fading light.

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Catherine – Frozen Fall
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Choose the right paper for soft subtle tones

Soft subtle tones are ideal for printing on matte or art papers. Choose a paper with texture from the FineArt range if your printer can work with it. Low contrast or misty photos are ideal for creating prints that look like watercolour paintings.

The bright saturated colours of autumn leaves and fun autumn or winter portraits always look good when printed on the best papers. Photo Paper Platinum Pro is ideal for rich saturated tones with crystal clear details.

To print the best quality pictures it’s really important to select the correct photo paper type in your computer’s print driver or in your device’s application. Each paper type has a different amount of ink that it can absorb without becoming wet and the paper setting in the driver optimises this. Choosing genuine Canon papers and Canon inks ensure that your prints will continue to look just like you printed them for a long time to come.