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With the winter months behind us, spring is full of promise. This season brings with it new waves of life. As the days get longer, buds on trees begin to emerge, flowers start to bloom and the lambing season begins. There’s a sense of optimism and the world starts to feel as if it’s full of natural energy.

  • Spring sunshine
  • Turn off the flash
  • Candid capture
  • Help everyone relax

Spring sunshine

Spring days are often full of clear, bright light. The best of this light is usually early in the morning and you can experiment with how to capture it. Look for how people respond to the morning sun on their faces. See how the light changes people’s moods. Watch for how sunshine can turn an ordinary shot into something really special.

Turn off the flash

PowerShot and IXUS cameras will often activate the flash if the camera detects that the main subject is backlit. Backlit means the background behind the subject is much brighter than the main subject - if you photograph someone with the sun behind them, for example. When you turn off the built-in flash your camera will prioritise the closer subject and capture the surrounding scene more brightly.

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Luci Correia, Hello sunshine!
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Candid capture

Advanced PowerShot cameras often feature a Vari-angle LCD screen. You can use this to compose candid pictures of your friends and family enjoying spring. Many of these cameras also feature Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to use your smartphone to remotely control your camera with the help of Canon Camera Connect app and take a picture at the optimum time.

Help everyone relax

The key to natural-looking pictures is for your subjects to feel as relaxed as possible. It’s said that people photographed reflect the mood of the photographer, so put your subjects at ease by simply being yourself. Be supportive rather than too demanding. Photographers should be ready to take the picture not constantly stuck hiding behind the camera.

Tip: If you’re photographing children use the camera as a prop to get them intrigued and involved – tell them the camera only captures fun times and laughter and make it a game to see if you can catch them all-smiles.

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