Tips and techniques with your LEGRIA

With the winter months behind us, spring is full of promise. This season brings with it new waves of life. As the days get longer, buds on trees begin to emerge, flowers start to bloom and the lambing season begins. There’s a sense of optimism and the world starts to feel as if it’s full of natural energy.

Make a springtime movie

From new born animals to the first flowers to misty mornings, spring is beckoning to be filmed. Capture all the details that tell the story of spring. Try shooting directly in to the light to capture a brighter, lighter feeling. The Auto mode on LEGRIAs will do its best to make the compromises that give the best feeling to the shot.

If you use Manual modes in the HF G series, get the exposure for the part of the image you want to have the most detail, whether that means sacrificing shadow detail to get detail in all the bright areas of the image or letting the brightest areas get blown out to show as much mid and shadow detail as possible.

Plan to shoot early in the day when the light is low, but warming up. Consider shooting through the flowers, spring buds and new leaves. Position the camera very close to the objects to give out-of-focus elements as you shoot your spring story.

spring - Canon
Phil Roeder, Spring
Copyright Info: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/

Make sure you capture the details even in short clips – the sun shining through the trees, a wide view of a landscape with the sun in the frame - and keep the camera running for at least five seconds after you think the clip is complete. This will help a lot in the edit as the short clips will help you link between the main shots of your story.