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With the winter months behind us, spring is full of promise. This season brings with it new waves of life. As the days get longer, buds on trees begin to emerge, flowers start to bloom and the lambing season begins. There’s a sense of optimism and the world starts to feel as if it’s full of natural energy.

Vibrant prints bursting with life

With printers that support memory cards, you can take the memory card from the camera and put it straight in to the card slot on the printer to print your images quickly. If your camera and printer support wireless PictBridge you can also print directly from your camera.

spring - Canon
Martinak15, Spring
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For long-lasting prints of your spring photos with vibrant details use a glossy paper - the best is Photo Paper Pro Platinum. Using a high gloss paper also means that your prints will keep their colours and details for many years. This is a great way to make home-made Mother’s Day cards or personalised Easter greetings cards in conjunction with CREATIVE PARK PREMIUM, an online service that lets you download photos, illustrations, paper crafts and more.

Many PIXMA printers can print images directly from your smart device. To make the most of your printer, download the Canon PRINT app.