Photography Tutorial : Spring Photography

As winter gives way to spring, nature starts adding colours to its palette. Bare, brown branches sprout green leaves, while early flowers bring splashes of red and yellow to the landscape; a good time to be a photographer.

Close-ups with compact digital cameras

When you are out and about taking photographs, why not create an interesting range of images from one location. First shoot a few overall views of the scene, then move closer to capture detail.

Spring landscapes
The success of a landscape photograph depends on the composition and the light. It helps to include something in the foreground – a wall or fence, for example. This gives scale to the image and also leads the eye into the picture.

You don’t have to shoot from your normal eye-level. Moving the camera closer to the ground can mean that a previously insignificant clump of flowers now becomes the foreground interest. Low-angle shots often work better with the camera turned to a vertical format.

Remember, too, the rule of thirds. Imagine that two vertical lines divide the frame into three equal segments. Placing one of the main subjects, such as a tree or a building, on or near one of these lines will usually give a more dynamic image than positioning the main subject in the centre

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