Photography Tutorial : Spring Photography

Landscapes can be portraits

We all assume that a landscape shot should be just that; taken in the landscape format. In fact, some of the greatest landscape photos have been captured in portrait format. For a period of time, always take a portrait format shot when you take a landscape one, then compare the shots. You will see your subject very differently and gain a whole new perspective.

But some landscapes lend themselves naturally to panoramic prints – long and narrow. You can create this type of picture by taking just a central strip of the image and enlarging it, but you will not be making good use of the sensor. An alternative is to shoot a number of images along the length of the landscape you want to capture, overlapping each image a little with the previous one.

Most Canon compact digital cameras have a ‘Stitch Assist’ shooting mode that helps you to align and overlap the images. Most Canon digital cameras, including EOS, PowerShot and IXUS, come with a software program called ‘PhotoStitch’ which joins the overlapping images into a single long image. This is well worth trying if you have not yet discovered the software.

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