Photography Tutorial : Spring Photography

Move in close

Move in close

Do you know how close you can focus with your camera? This is a useful fact to have at your fingertips when moving in to capture the detail in a scene. On most Canon compact digital cameras you will find a ‘Macro’ setting. This allows the lens to focus closer than normal and also provides better autofocusing over close distances. The minimum focus can be 5cm or even less.

Interchangeable lenses for EOS cameras have minimum focusing distances that do not change. There is a macro shooting mode on many EOS cameras, but this only adjusts the camera settings (metering system, shutter speed and aperture etc.) to suit macro photography – it does not alter the minimum focusing distance.

With EOS cameras you can move closer to your subject in a number of ways:

* A close-up lens screws to the filter mount at the front of the lens

* Extension tubes fit between the lens and the camera body to provide greater magnification

* A specialist macro lens which usually focuses close enough to give life-size images.

The aim of close-up photography is to provide a detailed image of a small subject. In general landscape photography, a single flower will be an insignificant spot of colour. A close-up, however, with the flower head filling the frame, will show the intricate detail of the petals and stamens

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