Photography Tutorial : Spring Photography

Avoiding movement
But if you don’t have a tripod to hand, then the effects of camera movement are reduced by using a fast shutter speed. This does not reduce the movement – it simply gives less time for the movement to affect the image.

If you choose a fast shutter speed, the lens aperture selected by your camera will give you a small depth-of-field. This is the area either side of the point of focus that appears sharp. A limited depth-of-field will throw the background out-of-focus, which can be an advantage, but can also mean that areas of the subject are out-of-focus. You need to find a balance between using a faster shutter speed and a smaller lens aperture.

Subject movement
The slightest breeze will make a flower move – and you certainly will notice that when the subject fills the frame of your camera. Using a fast shutter speed reduces the effect as it decreases the amount of time the subject movement can affect the image.

Alternatively you can create a windbreak. For subjects close to the ground all you need is a few short, thin stakes and some plastic sheeting. Plant the stakes on three sides of the subject and use them to support the sheeting. Clear plastic is best as it will not obstruct the light and allows the background to be seen behind the subject.

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