Give your photos a splash of colour this spring

© AudreyJM

Spring is the time when Mother Nature hits back and the greys of winter give way to lush greens and vivid colour as plants and trees burst into life. But it's not just the fauna and flora that come out of hibernation. The longer days mean many tourist attractions that were closed for the winter reopen their doors and welcome the hordes back in. If you're looking for inspiration on places to go, click here to see 5 of our favourites in Europe.

So whether you want to capture a bumblebee busy at work or a brightly painted waltzer spinning grinning tourists, this month's tips and reviews will help prepare you to take even better spring photos.

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© Eva Peris

The rain shouldn't dampen your spirits either. Showers and downpours make for dramatic photos, whether it's arty reflections in puddles, rain-swept landscapes or macro shots of a rain droplet clinging to petal. You can read more about getting the perfect landscape shot in our tutorial or discover how bokeh can improve the feeling of your macro shots.

Grab your camera and let your creativity blossom.

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© Miles Heller

And once you've got the perfect shot, share it with us on the Canon Facebook page and the Gallery or use our guide to make sure you get the best possible prints.