Tutorial: Still Life Photography

Subjects to shoot

Still life photography is not just a photographic exercise. It can be a good way to learn more about lighting, aperture and depth-of-field, but it also has some very practical applications.

For example:

• Are you a good cook? You can photograph your best dishes and keep the photographs with your recipes. Take a look through a few of the many cookbooks available. You can find inspiration from these top quality still life images and try to find your own style.

Sweet temptation, © Robert Klein 2010, Canon PowerShot G3

• If you have household contents insurance then photographing figurines, jewellery and other valuable items may help you if you have to make a claim.

• If you sell on auction sites then good quality still-life images will set your items apart from others.

As autumn and winter arrive, it can also give you a great project for rainy days and cold nights. Getting the light correct can be a challenge but the skills you learn from still life will be invaluable for other areas of photography.

Upload your still life photos to the Gallery
Finally, select your best images and upload them to the You Connect Gallery. Next month one of your images could be shown, or it could be used to illustrate future articles like this.

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