A holiday to remember

If you are a keen photographer your camera is probably never far away. On holidays, however, it is probably with you most of the time. But what do you photograph? Are you the type of person who shoots continuously, but never really sees the places visited? Would you like to return with fewer but better photographs? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Landscapes are one of the most popular subjects for holiday photographs. Many are shot simply to remind us of where we have been, but that is no reason to ignore the creative process. 
Capturing the atmosphere of a landscape in a photograph is not easy. The scene is not just the view, but also the sounds and smells, the wind and warmth. It is not possible to record all this with your camera. In the end, the success or failure of a landscape photograph depends on the composition and the lighting. Get these two aspects right and the most mundane landscape can look beautiful – get them wrong and the most beautiful landscape can look mundane.

Composition is all about balance. Few landscapes are the same across the entire scene. 
Trees, buildings, walls, hills, mountains or other features will probably interrupt the view. Simply by turning your camera a little, the main feature can be located left, right or centre in the picture, and also high or low

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