Images which invite you to see more of the story

Many visually impressive images invite you in and make you feel like part of the tale – or compel you to discover more about the scenario in front of you.

When it comes to capturing images like these for yourself, you’ll want to grab your viewer’s attention with your subject and simultaneously convey your idea, message or narrative. That way your viewer should experience the same emotions and mood as you felt when you captured the scene. 

Images which invite you to see more of the story-Canon

Montecruz Foto, Accion Global por Ayotzinapa
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Show the story of a changing city

You can use what's around you to tell your tale and show places you know well - but why not get out of your comfort zone? For example, if you want to tell a story about the town where you live, you could try to explore places in your neighbourhood you haven't been before. Try to convey a story about how your city is changing – perhaps by contrasting old and modern buildings in the same image. By using composition, lighting and a little thought you could express how you feel about the changes to your environment.

Tell the story of a person or group

Some of the most powerful photographic stories centre on an individual’s story – their history, current situation or their aspirations for the future. You could photograph a craftsman at work in their workshop, surrounded by their tools. Or you could capture a similar shot showing the craftsman standing proudly outside his workshop which is the last artisanal building in an increasingly modern street.

Alternatively, your story could celebrate a thriving community initiative by photographing a group of people. This could be a group trying to bring positive changes to their environment, for example helping older people to stay active - or cleaning up a nearby river bank. The possibilities for visual storytelling are endless.

Telling these stories is a great way to meet and engage with new people, see things from a new angle and develop an understanding of the different lives being lived near you.

Photographing news and travel stories

Stories happen everywhere, every day. But if you’re stuck for inspiration, there are places you can visit where stories are more likely to come to life.

For example, photos or movies of an event, celebration or march in your local town will encourage your viewer to find out more about the history or message behind it. Stories could show the emotions on the faces of the people gathering or show a wider picture of the event.

Music festivals offer another excellent chance to tell visual stories. And if you get the chance to travel or are going away on holiday, make sure you pack your camera. Travel allows you to see things with fresh eyes and there are stories to be found in corners of every new place or city.

How you bring these tales to life with your camera is up to you. But this month, our tutor is on hand to help you with creative ideas and techniques to help you tell stories of your own. Take a look at our tutorials to see more.