Tutorials: Autumn Photography

Autumn is the season to explore colour photography. With its wide range of colours; rich palette of browns, splashes of reds, hints of yellows and touches of greens, autumnal photography has much to offer the photographer.

City Landscape Photography

Think ‘summer landscapes’ and you probably see a blue sky, fields of green and distant hills. But that is only the half of it. You can shoot stunning landscapes in towns and cities, too – and for many people the subject is a lot closer to home and more interesting.

Creating memorable images

One of the best things about summer is outdoor music festivals. The weather is good, the days are long and there are lots of opportunities to take great photos; of artistes, other members of the crowd and of the overall event itself.

Creating memorable images

With summer approaching, the wedding season is now upon us. It is a momentous day for the bride and groom. As a guest what are the tips that help you take photos that will capture the day and create a great memento for both you and the happy couple?

Photography Tutorial : The Light

Photography needs light – and not just any light. You are unlikely to shoot outstanding pictures if the light is wrong. How do you get the right light when there is little you can do to control the sun?

Photography Tutorial: Winter photography

Is photography in the winter any different to shooting at other times of the year? It can be. Here are some tips and techniques to help you be prepared.

Photography Tutorial : Spring Photography

As winter gives way to spring, nature starts adding colours to its palette. Bare, brown branches sprout green leaves, while early flowers bring splashes of red and yellow to the landscape; a good time to be a photographer.

Take a fresh look at photography Photography Tutorial

How much of your camera do you really use? The chances are that there are many features still untouched; we all tend to work with what we know. With a new year, now is the time to try out the features that are new to you on your camera!

Macro Photography Tutorial

Many Canon compact digital cameras will focus at a distance of only 1cm from the subject – some will even give a sharp image when the lens is touching the subject! EOS cameras will also focus very close to the subject, but only with the right accessories. So how do you start macro photography?

Photography Tutorial: Festive photography

You have bought the presents and organised the meals, but have you planned your pictures? Here are a few ideas to help you make the most of your festive photography.

Photography Tutorial : Colour Management