Tutorial: Travel Photography

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If you have time during your travels it is often good to filter weaker images from your memory cards as you go along, reviewing what worked well and why.


Marsaxlokk Luzzu, © Saami Powell 2011, Canon PowerShot A550

This will also save time when you are transferring the pictures to your computer, when you should take another look and delete more of the inferior photographs. There is no point in storing image files that are never going to see the light of day again.

If you have been shooting JPEG files, now is the time to tidy and order your work using ZoomBrowser EX. Then your photos are ready to be shared, printed or turned into a slide show.

If you have been shooting RAW files, your work is just beginning. Each image can be opened and modified to change colour, contrast, saturation and much more. Canon’s Digital Photo Professional (DPP) software is a good place to start refining your photos.

Finally, select your best images and upload them to the You Connect Gallery. Next month one of your travel images could be shown, or it could be used to illustrate future articles like this.

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