Time Lapse movies

If you have an EOS camera with a remote socket you can buy a remote timer switch that will fire the camera automatically at pre-set intervals. Shoot to give the smallest JPEG file size your camera allows and use a large media card.


The images can be merged into a single time-lapse sequence using software such as Apple QuickTime Pro (available for Windows and Mac). Whatever camera you use, do make sure that you use a large memory card so that it doesn’t become full part way through.

Different Views

Urban photography is all about creating images with impact. Look for contrasts – either areas of light or shade that can produce almost abstract images – or old and new buildings within the same frame. You will also find many man-made patterns from bricks and paving stones to windows and balconies.

With many tall buildings around, low camera angles can produce interesting photographs, simply because you are showing the scene from a new perspective. Just standing normally, but pointing the camera upwards, will be all that is needed for some scenes. Kneeling down and looking up with the camera, or even positioning the camera at or near ground level, will often produce images with a more exaggerated perspective. Using the LCD screen (in Live View with an EOS) makes this easier to achieve.

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