Tell a story

You need to plan your movie. It is possible to shoot lots of random sequences and then edit them together, but the result will rarely be good. You need a story. Decide on a beginning, a middle and an end. Sketch what you see occurring in each movie clip you expect to shoot. Professional movie makers call this planning process ‘storyboarding’. A wedding day or a holiday is a story so your video should tell that story – look for ways to bring it to life.


You may believe that you can’t storyboard a friend’s wedding video. But you can because you know what is going to happen and the order of events. Do you open with the bride applying make-up at home on the wedding day or the best man and groom arriving at the wedding venue? Perhaps you could capture the stills photographer at work arranging the guests? Or you might decide to focus on small groups of guests chatting. All of this can be discussed with the couple in advance to see what they want.

Or perhaps you want to record your holiday abroad. Why not capture a sequence of video clips of a tour guide pointing to and describing different parts of a building? Then shoot a few seconds of these parts of the building. When edited, you will have added human interest to the story.

Start to think about what you are shooting in terms of the overall movie – where does a scene fit, what will come before and after? Above all, look at it from the viewer’s perspective. And if you are the only person who is going to see the finished result, make sure it is something you will want to see time and again.

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