Tutorial: Water

Increasing the shutter speed

Good photos showing water aren't always taken with a slow shutter speed. You can also use short shutter speeds to make your photos of water come alive.

This video shows how you can capture all the detail, even the individual drops of water.

Enter the Gallery

Now you’ve learnt how to take different shots of water by adjusting the shutter speed, we want you to try it out and submit your best water photos to the Gallery. 30 of the most interesting will be shown next month.

Take the next step now!

A new lens can help you see things very differently, inspiring a whole new range of photographic opportunities. Here is a lens that could help you.

EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II*
The perfect telephoto complement to the standard zoom lens that is supplied with many EF-S mount EOS cameras. This compact lens combines four-stop Image Stabilizer to suppress blur in low light with high image quality.

Ideal for sports, wildlife, portraits, landscapes and travel.


* Requires Mount Adapter EF-EOS M for EOS M

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