Waterproof cases

Life doesn’t stop near or inside the water, and the same is true for photography.



Specially designed waterproof cases offer protection to depths down to 40 metres, opening up the world of underwater photography. They provide easy access to many photographic controls and can also be useful on land, protecting against snow, sand, dust and humidity.

Alternatively, for those who like activities near or in the water but without the 40 metre depth requirement, the IXUS 220 HS and IXUS 115 HS are compatible with two new waterproof cases offering a more compact and affordable protection for depths down to 3 metres. They are perfect for snorkelling and other outdoor activities while providing access to important functions such as White Balance adjustment and Exposure Compensation for adapting the camera to different aquatic environments.

Finally the PowerShot D10 is designed for the active outdoor photographer. It offers water-resistance down to 10 metres, making it ideal for the more adventurous snorkeller. The PowerShot D10 is also shockproof making it a good companion for climbing and other outdoor sports.

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