On the day

When you arrive at the wedding venue, spend a few minutes checking good locations from which to shoot. This is true for both the ceremony and the reception afterwards. Try taking a shot looking down from a gallery or stairs to show a different angle from above. Alternatively, with a child or children in the foreground you could shoot from low down to give their view. Both of these will give you images that others will miss.

The right light

During the ceremony, there may not be much light and you are unlikely to be able to use flash. To overcome this you should consider increasing the ISO on your camera. Some PowerShot and IXUS models feature a Low Light Shooting Mode which will set your camera automatically for the best results. Try taking pictures before the bride arrives and review the results – you won’t get a second chance once she arrives!

Don’t become the centre of attention

This is a special day for the couple that you have been invited to join in – but you shouldn’t take over! And do remember, you are not the official wedding photographer, so do keep out of his or her way and don’t make too many demands on the married couple or other guests. Ensure you remember to switch off the sounds on your camera.

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